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Safe Scouting

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Safe scouting allows a environment where scouts can feel and be safe. Whether in or out of scouting, we maintain our scouts' well-being and health physically and mentally. 



Youth Protection Training

During our scout meetings and overnight trips, we ensure that the safety and security of scouts is assured. This can be achieved by reporting any child abuse or neglection. For more information, visit in the Youth Protection page.



Two-Deep Leadership

Two-deep leadership is the concept that there is always two leaders looking at everything scouts do. This is because one adult leader can possibly be biased and if only one adult leader sees what's going on, that's the only evidence that that event has of occurring.



Transportation is essential to be safe and responsible for all Scouting activities. All vehicles are required to be checked and have a Pre-Trip Transportation Inspection before travel.

The driver must be at or over the age of 18 and obey all laws and follow the youth protection guidelines.


Scouting BSA Covid-19

Troop 254 is dedicated to making sure that scouts are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We make sure all scouts have masks on, sanitize themselves as needed as well as having them stay apart as 6 feet apart much as possible. Our troop can guarantee all scouts' safety when they are attending our meetings.


Overnight Camping

Overnight camping is an experiences scouts should participate in. Overnight camping aren’t just your average camping trips, they are camping trips where kids get learn things that will help them in their future.



General Security & Safety

Scouts and adults are responsible for each other to provide a safe environment for all participants. All the adults are trustworthy and set a example for safety. Adults must go through Mandatory youth protection training, and show that they know the guidelines.

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